Luxury handbags

Luxury handbags

21 maj 2010 - Love Tigers of the publication of the latest accessories and summer 2010

HEURE H Mysore sheepskin double loop stainless steel bracelet watch (HK $ TBC)

CHANE D'ANCRE Chevron canvas and calfskin handbags Box (HK $ 57,000)

GIRALDA red crystal wine glass (HK $ 2,300)

"KELLY EN PERLES" 70 x 70 twill scarf (HK $ 2,700)

5.HEURE H Mysore sheepskin double ring stainless steel bracelet watch (HK $ TBC)

Designed to bring new women's classic style, made of stainless steel part of the fight Hermes abbreviation. To Fubao Road 24 as a design blueprint, the number 2 and 4 were chosen on the Mysore sheepskin double ring strap pink. Another diamond studded designs to choose from.

6.CHANE D'ANCRE Chevron Box canvas and calfskin handbags (HK $ 57,000)

Paris is full of flavor, this small handbag with a number of different layout with a full practical. The classical Chane d'ancre ring condensed to strap can be comfortably back in the shoulder freely. Whether all leather style, with leather or canvas style, elegant and relaxing feeling that will certainly lead to everyone's envious eyes.

7.GIRALDA red crystal wine glass (HK $ 2,300)

This new cup series, to Seville's Giralda Cathedral, named after the symbol of the city, seems fair share honorable. Taken from the Cathedral of the features found in the cup on the brown pattern, cup feet to whitewash square border, plus loop, side by side with the Seville-style fence. This series a total of four cups, including glass, red wine, white wine glass and champagne glass. More red crystal wine glass mosaic, even more noble.

8. "KELLY EN PERLES" 70 x 70 twill scarf (HK $ 2,700)

Kelly en perles describing a special custom Cameroon artists Kelly handbags, color it with small glass beads in series, also on board in 1997, "Hermes the world" on the cover. Fine print not only show the texture of glass beads, but can be interpreted that the complex embroidery.

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Luxury handbags

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